New Mummy Co – Mississauga – Job Code – ALBR

  • Application Closing Date: TBD
  • Start Date: March 21, 2024
  • Interview Availability: TBD
Hours Type Age of Baby Duration Nights/Week Feeding Method
10:30pm-8:30am Single January 12 2024 1 month 3 nights a week Breast
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Job Description & Requirements

These first time parents are seeking overnight support. Their ideal candidate is someone who is an experienced, trustworthy individual to cover nighttime feedings and support/supervise the baby’s nighttime sleep to ensure safe sleep. If possible, support with encouraging longer stretches of sleep (in ways that make sense for baby’s age). Mom will wake up once per night to pump as they are combination feeding with pumped breastmilk and formula. The family have no pets and there is driveway parking available.