New Mummy Co – Oakville – Job Code: LYMA – Birth Doula

  • Application Closing Date: TBD
  • Start Date: February 14, 2024
  • Interview Availability: TBD
Hours Type Age of Baby Duration Nights/Week Feeding Method
N/A Single Baby Due April 25th 2 Prenatal visits, continuous labour support, 2 postpartum visits N/A Breast
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Job Description & Requirements

These parents are seeking a birth doula who is experienced with birth and newborns. Someone who is local, familiar with the hospital and the Canadian healthcare system. They are seeking for someone who is proactive, can take initiative and work under pressure. They are seeking someone who will be an advocate – if they can see mom isn’t feeling well, she expresses that she isn’t feeling well but the doctors say everything is fine, she would like someone who can be persistent and “fight for her and her well-being”. They would like a candidate who is direct and honest – if they think something is wrong or she is doing something wrong, they would like a candidate who isn’t afraid to be honest and transparent. There is driveway parking available.