The bustling West Coast city of Vancouver, the hub of British Columbia, has so much to offer to its fortunate residents. Mesmerising, panoramic sunsets, a breath-taking network of crystal lakes, and a city fizzing with culture, surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains.

No wonder that Vancouver is one of Canada’s most popular destinations for tourists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs. With renowned attractions like Stanley Park and Granville Island on the doorstep, Vancouver is also one of the countries most beloved cities to make a home and to raise a family.

Here at the New Mummy Company we are delighted to offer new parents in Vancouver our expert services, delivered by hand-picked specialists, available day and night to help you get settled into life with your precious baby.

It is our privilege and our pleasure to be able to offer our practiced guidance, and support to the new mummies of Vancouver with the perfect choice of nanny, specially selected to meet the needs of your unique family. Call today, 1-844-237-4686 to speak with one of our friendly placement consultants who will help you find the ideal postpartum support for your needs.

The New Mummy Company Team

We understand that there is nothing more important in your life then the health and happiness of your family. That is why, at the New Mummy Company, we hire only the cream-of-the-crop from Vancouver’s finest newborn care specialists. Our strict recruitment and screening process means that you can choose the perfect helper from a pool of experienced, qualified and caring professionals. Every family has differing needs and preferences, so our placements consultant will with work closely with you to create a shortlist of helpers. From there you have the opportunity to meet with potential nannies so that you can choose the perfect candidate.

Using our familiarity with Vancouver, our heartfelt compassion and our global experience we have helped thousands of families to get the best start in their new roles as parents. Click here to see testimonials from other new parents who have felt the reassurance and comfort that our services provide.

Night Nannies in Vancouver

When it comes to caring for a newborn baby many new parents find the sleepless nights the most difficult. We offer new moms what they crave, a soothing night’s sleep! You can rest easy knowing that your baby is in the safe, experienced hands of a loving person throughout the night. You can wake in the morning feeling restored and reenergized to meet the new day with vigour.

Our night nannies primary focus is the comfort and well being of your baby and everything that they do will reflect that passion. Their role is to take care of the following duties:

  • Assisting and supporting breastfeeding
  • Feeding unassisted if using formula or breast milk
  • Breast pump preparation, cleaning and sterilization
  • Breast milk storage
  • Formula preparation
  • Bottle washing and sterilization
  • Burping
  • Diapering
  • Bathing (if required)
  • Swaddling and settling to sleep
  • Baby laundry
  • Restocking the nursery, cotton wool, diapers etc.
  • Documenting and communicating the nightly events to parents

During the interview stage, you will have the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and expectations with your night nanny. For example, if you are breastfeeding, would you prefer to feed in the nursery or should the night nanny bring the baby to you to in bed? Once these details have been decided, our night nanny can follow your preferences so that together, you can create a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Newborn Day Nannies in Vancouver

In this modern, busy world, we understand that people’s family and work needs are diverse. That is why our amazing newborn nannies are also available through the day to provide an extra pair of trusted hands and to offer their guidance and support.

Having a newborn nanny with you at home allows you the freedom and flexibility to manage your day. You can take a nap, have a shower, get dressed, eat lunch, attend appointments, run errands or concentrate on other family members with more ease.

Daytime hours are flexible, so you can choose whether you need assistance from 4 to 12 hours.

Newborn nannies duties include:

  • Feeding
  • Preparing feeds
  • Sterilizing bottles
  • Breast pump preparation
  • Stimulating and engaging the baby in age appropriate activities
  • Swaddling
  • Bathing
  • Baby laundry
  • Restocking the nursery

Your Privacy Guaranteed

At the New Mummy Company we operate in full confidentiality mode as a standard! At every stage we protect our client’s privacy.

We have years of experience in working with high profile clients within the film and sports industry in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Calgary and Toronto.
Each team member at The New Mummy Company understands how to find the perfect night nanny or newborn nanny support with total discretion. We have experience of working within the boundaries of NDA’s and with everything that goes along with that process.

If you feel more comfortable, please approach our owner Maria who is happy to discuss your needs at

New Mummy Company Online Services

Our mission at the New Mummy Company to ensure that every new parent has access to the help and support that they may need from caring, knowledgeable, professionals who never judge. Below is our comprehensive list of online services that are available to our clients in Vancouver and throughout Canada.

  • Prenatal education
  • Prenatal breastfeeding
  • Lactation consultant and breastfeeding support
  • Baby CPR and First aid
  • Nutrition consultant
  • Sleep training
  • Breast pump rental
  • Baby weigh II Scale
  • Family therapy
  • Potty training
  • Safe sleep education
  • Prenatal yoga
  • Postnatal yoga (Mom & baby yoga)
  • Mom & baby bootcamp

Here For You

You have the New Mummy Company promise that we will go above and beyond to ensure that you are paired with the perfect nanny to suit the unique needs of you and your treasured family. We will endeavour to mirror the quiet strength of the North Shore Mountains and to reflect the steadfast movement of Kennedy Lake in the care that we give to you and your baby. Please call us on 1-844-237-4686 to discover all the ways that we can help