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Newborn Nannies

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Newborn Nannies

Providing Qualified & Professional Support For Your Newborn

We have a number of experienced Postpartum Newborn Nannies available in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa & Vancouver. Our team members are highly trained in newborn care with the vast majority holding the following qualifications – Registered Practical Nurse, Paediatric Nurse, Registered Nurse, Postpartum Doula or Midwife.

Newborn Nannies are available for short-term bookings of a few weeks to longer term bookings of a number of months. Our newborn care nannies will be able to provide professional care to your newborn and help with all the daily tasks caring for a newborn baby involves. This is a popular service with new mothers who don’t have local family support to rely on, those who run their own businesses or are required to return to work sooner than normally expected.

Newborn Nannies provide daytime support with a minimum booking of 4 hours per day but can be booked for up to 12 hours per day. Daytime Nannies are typically available Monday to Friday but weekends can also be requested if needed.

The Newborn Nanny role involves all aspects of baby care and duties include all nursery duties including feeding, burping, diapering, washing & sterilizing bottles or breast pumps, providing breastfeeding support, handling baby laundry and settling the baby for daytime naps. They will also be able to provide age appropriate playtime and stimulation for your baby. Doctors visits and other medical appointments can be very stressful when leaving the house with a newborn, so having a second pair of hands can make all the difference.

We are sure you will love this service knowing you have the quality of support backed by the security of The New Mummy Company’s stringent on boarding process. All our Newborn Nannies follow the same hiring process as our Night Nannies which includes identity checks, police checks & background checks, a minimum of three reference checks, qualification verification, interviews with our founder Maria Robertson and finally a custom New Mummy Co orientation before joining the team.

How You Can Access this Service:


Private is a great option if you prefer privacy or want to host amongst friends or family in the comfort of your own home.


On-site is not available for this service at this time.


Virtual classes are not available for this service at this time.


  • How long does a newborn nanny spend with a family?

    This can very depending on an individual family’s needs. It can range from a few days support to providing care and support for a number of months as may be required.

  • What are the hours I can book a newborn nanny for?

    You can book for a minimum of 4 hours per day and you can book once a week or multiple times a week to suit your own needs. If you require more support then you can book anything up to 12 hours per day. Our timings can be made to suit your requirements ensuring you get the help when you need it most whether that is morning or evening.

  • Why would I hire a newborn nanny and not a night nanny?

    This is a great question! Some families will book both day and night support but for many families, day support is more suited to their lifestyle.  In addition, for those looking to work to a budget, the minimum hours for daytime support is only 4 hours so can be more cost effective.

  • Are newborn nanny rates the same as night nanny rates?

    Yes, the hourly rates are the same for both newborn nannies/postpartum doulas and night nannies. Each individual team member of our team will have his/her own rate and so there is always a range when it comes to fees for these services. You have the ability to review resumes and then decide who to interview whether that is based on experience or budget.

  • What can I expect during 4 hours with a newborn nanny?

    Most families will want to get the benefit of taking a much needed nap as sleep is always in short supply with a newborn but also the opportunity to take a shower and have a meal without a baby in their arms. 4 hours will go by quickly but it can make all the difference to you in terms of your recovery.

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