Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Benefits Your body is preparing for something extraordinary. Physical demands, hormonal fluctuations and external stressors can be challenging. […]

Mom & Baby StrollerFit

The New Mummy Company is delighted to offer Stroller Fit classes that have been specifically formulated for maximum results to help new mothers to raise their fitness levels without having to leave their bundles of joy. Delivered by expert trainers our sessions begin outside our Oakville studio. You will then head out into the great outdoors of the beautiful surroundings of Oakville where you and your babies lungs will be filled with fresh air.

Pelvic Floor Core Restore

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Mom & Baby Yoga

Our yoga and fitness classes are perfect for preparing your body for pre and post-birth changes. We offer emotional and physical guidance through the restorative practice of yoga to help you feel equipped and empowered as a new mummy.

Baby CPR & First-Aid

When you are expecting a baby, there can be a mixture of excitement and also a fear of the unknown. We can help build your confidence and ability to react to an unexpected emergency event.

Prenatal Breastfeeding

If you are planning to breastfeed then this is the perfect preparation class for you. Our certified lactation consultants and breastfeeding educators will empower your breastfeeding goals.

Prenatal Classes

At The New Mummy Co, our in person prenatal classes are designed to provide you and your partner with the […]