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Mom & Baby Yoga

Single Class (New Dates Coming Soon) On-Site Cost: $20/per person Duration: 1 hour Book Now
6 Class Package (New Dates Coming Soon) On-Site Package Cost: $90/per person Duration: 1 hour Book Now
Mom & Baby Yoga

*** Dates for the next series starting Thursdays in late May 2024 coming soon***

The New Mummy Co is delighted to offer expert postnatal Mom and Baby Yoga classes in our beautiful studio in North West Oakville. Our postnatal yoga classes are the perfect solution to gently guide your body gently but effectively post delivery. We offer emotional and physical guidance through the restorative practice of yoga to help you feel fully equipped and empowered as a new mummy, while you forge an even deeper emotional bond with your baby. One hour long and at your pace, the benefits of our yoga sessions can be felt after the very first class.

It is always best to check with your doctor before starting a new training routine.

Finding Balance

Your body has been through something extraordinary. The physical changes and hormonal fluctuations that you experienced may have been challenging, but these are challenges that we can assist you to overcome with our specifically created classes. Practicing yoga is as much about maintaining emotional well-being as it is about keeping your body in optimum shape. Focusing on breathing exercises, strengthening pelvic floor muscles and mom & baby bonding, our classes will calm your thoughts, harmonize your emotions and create holistic and symbiotic balance.

Rejuvenation For Mummy

There is no gentler or more effective reintroduction to health and fitness after delivery than postnatal yoga. Our experts will help to strengthen your body while you enjoy quality time bonding with your baby. Through long-established posture techniques for stretching and breathing you will be led through an interactive session that will increase muscle tone and promote emotional well-being in a fun, collaborative environment. All levels of fitness are invited to join as each person attending will also be postpartum so every body is welcome.

Calming Rewards For Baby

The poses, flows and movements that you and your baby will enjoy are chosen for their repetitive and soothing effects. We incorporate song, calm stimulation and gentle stretches that are known to aid the baby in improved digestion, ease colic and to help to develop healthy sleep patterns.

Share Your Experience

The restorative results of our yoga classes are a balance of mind, body and emotion. They also offer something that all women need during one of the most exciting, fulfilling and life changing times. That is the friendship, support and understanding from the other new moms that you will inevitably bond with during our intimate small group and relaxed classes.

Our Yoga Experts

At the New Mummy Co we are committed to providing a warm and welcoming, safe environment for new moms. We achieve our goal by hiring only specialist yogis, highly trained in pre and postnatal yoga, that are as passionate as we are about the physical and emotional well being of the moms and babies in our care. They are committed professionals who have the experience and the knowledge to offer safe, considered and rewarding classes. You and your baby will float out of each class feeling refreshed, restored and relaxed.

How You Can Access this Service:


Private classes are not available for this service at this time.


On-Site is a great option if you prefer real-time interaction, want to meet other parents, and enjoy the social component. This service is available at our headquarters.

2525 Old Bronte Rd Unit 105, Oakville, L6M 4J2, Ontario


Virtual classes are ideal during COVID, are great for families with busy schedules, or for those who live out of our offered locations. They are hosted over Zoom and are available to anyone no matter their geographic location. For the best experience, we recommend viewing from a laptop with a high-speed internet connection.


  • Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

    We understand things come up , especially when you are a mom-to-be or a new mom. To provide you with the flexibility we do allow your 6 class package to be taken anytime with 90 days. This allows plenty of time slots to schedule your classes around life as things pop up.

    We do have a strict 24 hour notice period to cancel or reschedule your class. Any class cancelled less than 24 hours will be forfeited.

    Any no-show to a class will be forfeited.

    Any 6 class packages non used within the 90 day period will be forfeited.

    We have limited space and our classes can book out, to be fair to all our class attendees and instructors the 24 hour notice period is non negotiable.

  • What is postnatal yoga?

    Postnatal yoga uses considered movement, breathing exercises and relaxation methods to help you to reconnect with your amazing body post-delivery.

  • When can I start exercising after giving birth?

    You should be at least 6 weeks postpartum and have the all-clear from your doctor or health care professional to start exercise classes.

  • Is it safe to exercise after delivery?

    Getting the all-clear from you doctor or health care professional is very important before you start exercising. Once you have that you are in the safest of hands with our fully certified instructors who are experts in guiding your body through effective postpartum movements. Listen to your body and rest or stop whenever you need to.

  • What if this is my first exercise after having the baby?

    You know your body best, so do what feels right for you. Don’t over exert yourself, as movements you did prior to baby will feel different post-baby. All levels of fitness are welcome to join the classes.

  • What should I wear?

    A well-fitted sports bra is any new mother’s best friend! Comfortable stretch-material clothes that include a few layers, is all you need. If you are breastfeeding you may want to consider a top that provides easy access as we know small babies often want to feed frequently.

  • What if I need to feed my baby?

    You can stop at any time to care for your baby. Feeding the baby before the session starts would be best if possible to avoid interrupting your class. However we know that the nature of this class means that you may need to feed your baby and you should take all the time you need.

  • What if my baby cries?

    Our classes take place in a studio specifically designed for the purpose, led by experienced instructors, and taken by fellow new moms. You are in a safe place where everyone around you understands that all babies cry. At any time that your baby needs your attention, you are free to stop and give them the care that they need.

  • How much are the postnatal yoga classes?

    Book an in person 6 class package for $90. If you want to book individually then you are able to do so for $20 for an in person class.

    Once you have booked your package you will receive an email with a link to follow to book your 6 sessions. The package expires after 90 days.

  • What it I have not done a yoga class before I gave birth?

    Everyone and every body is welcome to our classes! We foster a safe and inclusive space. This class is about reconnecting with your body and learning about your wonderful postnatal self. Each class is taken at your own pace and of course that of your baby! We will tailor each pose to your ability and that will vary for everyone whether they are experienced yogi’s or exercising for the first time after their 3rd baby. Come as you are and enjoy a relaxing and engaging class with your baby where you can find time for yourself while bonding with your baby.

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