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How it Works

Hiring a night nanny provides you as new parents with a restful night’s sleep and invaluable in-home newborn care, easing some of the exhaustion that goes along with being a new parent.

Our night nanny and baby nurse service is customized to your family’s needs, whether that is for a few nights, weeks, or months you can book our expert night nanny service for the duration you require.

You will have the peace of mind knowing your baby is cared for by a newborn care professional allowing you to quickly become well-rested confident parents.

We are extremely selective on who can join our team at New Mummy Co and we only onboard 4 out of every 100 candidates due our stringent requirements. We interview, screen, reference check and background clearance check in advance. This allows you to select from one of our amazing team of experienced and trusted newborn care specialists.


Contact Us

Contact Us

Fill in the contact form below or call us toll-free on 1-844-237-4686 so we can answer any questions and start your family application.

Review Night Nanny Profiles

Review Night Nanny Profiles

Based on your family application we will share your job description with our team. We then send on the detailed profiles of the newborn care specialists who match your requirements for review.

Interview Your Night Nanny

Interview Your Night Nanny

Once you have reviewed the profiles and selected who you wish to interview, we will schedule the interviews on your behalf to meet our team of wonderful night nannies!

Create a Schedule

Create a Schedule

After selecting your night nanny we lock down the schedule guaranteeing you with continuity of care for the dates and times you have requested. We will keep in touch during your pregnancy and the duration of your booking.

Reasons to Hire a Night Nanny

Every family situation is unique and we have supported thousands of families across Canada and beyond. If it’s one night or six months of nights we provide you with a caring, supportive and non judgmental service.

There are many reasons to select one of our team of newborn experts.

  • Parental and family support is not readily available.
  • First time parents seeking a restful sleep and experienced baby professional on hand.
  • You may run your own business and need that extra support.
  • If you experienced a difficult birth or need support with postpartum depression.
  • Twins and multiples are our specialty if you need an extra pair of hands.
  • We support the film industry and high profile families in Canada.
  • It’s also a great and invaluable gift to provide to family & friends.
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Benefits of a Night Nanny

As well as providing you with a restful nights sleep there are many other benefits of hiring one of our night nannies. If you are first time parents, our team provide invaluable support with answering your questions, providing you with hints and tips and generally building your confidence as new parents.

From breastfeeding, feeding, sleep routines, bathing, swaddling and general reassurance around all aspects of newborn care our team are there to support and coach when needed.

There is no manual with a newborn baby and its wonderful to have someone support you at home who has experienced this moment with 50, 100 or even 500 newborns!

Qualified & Experienced Newborn Professionals

At New Mummy Co. we are passionate about our profession. We feel the term night nanny somewhat underplays the knowledge, experience and ability of our team and the non-judgemental care they provide to you and your family.

Our team of night nannies and baby nurses are handpicked by New Mummy Co founder Maria Robertson and we only onboard fully qualified, trained professionals who have recent & relevant newborn experience.

  • RN’s, RPN’s, LPN’s, Midwives, Certified Doulas.
  • Overseas trained nurses & midwives with verified experience.
  • Internationally trained OBGYN’s and pediatricians
  • PNSW – Perinatal Support Workers
  • Minimum of 2 years professional experience.
  • Most importantly, blessed with a caring and compassionate nature.
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Trusted Onboarding Process

We are committed to ensuring the quality of our night nannies, baby nurses and newborn care specialists. We understand you may be apprehensive about letting a non-family member into your home to care for your baby – this is exactly why we follow a stringent and lengthy screening process to give you that peace of mind.

We constantly seek confidential feedback on our teams performance during a family placement which ensures the quality and consistency of the level of care required.

We only onboard 4 out of 100 applicants and are extremely picky on who will represent New Mummy Co.

Before you have even viewed a resume from our team we have completed the following.

  • Vulnerable sector police checks
  • Professional reference and background checks
  • Qualification & CPR verification
  • Interviews with founder Maria Robertson – Ensuring a caring attitude and communication skills
  • Unique newborn care orientation with Maria Robertson
  • Ongoing continuous professional development seminars throughout the year

Meet Some Of Our Newborn Specialists

Night Nannies With Founder Maria Robertson

Ready to Hire Your Night Nanny

Fill in the contact form below or call us toll-free on 1-844-237-4686.
We can answer all your questions and start your family application.


  • What's the difference between a night nanny, baby nurse, or maternity nurse?

    Night Nannies are sometimes known as Baby Nurses or a Maternity Nurse. The vast majority of  our Night Nannies are actually not nannies in the traditional sense, in fact they will come from a nursing or midwifery background. They are Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), Midwives, or Doulas.

  • Why is it a good idea to hire a Night Nanny?

    There are many good reasons for hiring Night Nanny, some of them are:

    • Parental and family support is not available, or your partner may travel for work
    • The basic need for restful sleep and the reassurance of having an experienced baby professional on hand
    • You may have experienced a difficult birth or have been diagnosed with Postpartum depression or anxiety
    • Extra support if this is your first baby and or if you already have a toddler/older children
    • Twins or multiple births and you need that extra pair of hands
  • What are the rates for a Night Nanny?

    The rate our families will pay for each Night Nanny varies on their individual experience, training and qualifications. Our rates will usually start at approx. $35 to $42 per hour for a single baby and $40 to $50 per hour for multiple births. You will always have the option to review resumes of all available candidates and decide if you wish to interview them based on your budget or more on their experience.

  • How long do I need a Night Nanny?

    Generally, families hire a Night Nanny to help them with those early weeks or months at home with a newborn(s). Hiring a Night Nanny provides you as new parents with a restful night’s sleep and invaluable in-home support. Therefore, our expert Night Nanny services are available for however long you require, be it for a few nights, weeks, or months, and it is tailored to you and your family’s individual needs.

  • Can I afford a Night Nanny?

    Our Night Nanny service can be tailored exactly to your needs. We can set up the minimum number of hours per night for you if you need it (8-hour shift). Please, contact us at admin@newmummycompany.ca or call us at 1-844-237-4686. We will be happy to find the best way to assist you.

  • What are the responsibilities of the Night Nanny?

    The list of Night Nanny’s duties depends on each baby and family situation but an example of them are:

    • Nighttime feeds
    • Breastfeeding & Pumping Support
    • Clean and sterilize pumping and feeding equipment
    • Good sleep habits
    • Settling the baby to sleep
    • Soothing the baby at night
    • Burping baby
    • Changing diapers
    • Swaddling
    • Baby laundry
    • Documenting nightly events
    • Bathing baby
    • Dressing the baby
    • Morning routine

    You may require some additional support if you have multiples, a baby with reflux, a recent circumcision, or colic. We can assist with all of this and more, supporting you calmly and confidently.

  • What are the steps to book a New Mummy Co. Night Nanny?

    To find the perfect match for you we go through a specific process that we have honed over the years, these steps are simple and straightforward and we are here to answer any questions or queries you may have.

    These steps can be completed at whatever pace you are comfortable with, we can do this in less than 24hrs for emergency bookings. However, we don’t recommend leaving it that late, so book early to avoid disappointment!

    • Step 1
      Contact us or give us a call toll-free on 1-844-237-4686.
    • Step 2
      We will collect some key information from you to allow us to find the perfect match. We can do this over the phone if you wish or you can fill in our electronic fillable form at your leisure
    • Step 3
      Once we have matched you with some our great Night Nannies available in your area, we will provide you with a profile on each person to allow you to select who to interview
    • Step 4
      We will arrange the interviews around your schedule and give you the pleasure of meeting some of our wonderful Night Nannies!
    • Step 5
      Once you have selected the Night Nanny for you, we give you the ability to check references before guaranteeing our Night Nanny with a signed contract for both parties’ protection
  • When should I book my Night Nanny?

    We recommend booking your Night Nanny early in your 2nd trimester. This is to ensure availability within our team. It also gives you the ability to review resumes, set up interviews and select the best person for your family in a time frame that works for you. To ensure availability, the earlier the booking the better for you! Demand for our service continues to grow and booking early gives you the advantage and avoids disappointment later on.

  • How many hours does a Night Nanny work?

    Night Nannies are available 8 to 12 hours overnight. Normally, the most common requested overnight shift is from 10pm to 6 am. Our minimum shift 8 hour shift is for safety and security reasons, however, you can choose to have any hours that suit you. For example, 10 hours night, from 9 pm to 7 am or 12 hours night, from 7 pm to 7 am.

  • Why is 10 pm to 6 am the most common schedule?

    Parents generally prefer to start the service with the minimum number of hours at night, an 8-hour shift beginning at 10 am and ending at 6 am. There are many reasons for a family to choose this schedule, such as budget or lifestyle. However, the Night Nanny service can be tailored according to family requirements. Some families like to book the Night Nanny to start at 7:00pm to help with the bedtime routine of other children too – this has often been cited as a ‘pinch point’ for our families who are juggling multiple responsibilities of breastfeeding and settling a newborn while putting other young children down to sleep.

  • Could I hire a Night Nanny just for one night?

    Absolutely. At New Mummy Company, families are welcome to book one night if that is the only support they require. However, our Night Nanny team is available 7 nights a week and we will work with you to find the optimum number of nights and hours to match your schedule and lifestyle. It is common for a family to book a few nights or weeks of support and then extend based on availability and budget.

  • Is it possible to have a Nanny Service 24/7?

    Yes, it can be possible, but as we have only a few of our night nannies available it may typically involve having more than one nanny to cover this type of schedule. For these occasions, we have developed a Newborn Nanny Service with trained, qualified, and professional staff available to support parents during the day and overnight.

    We can arrange a small team of nannies to work with you to cover days and nights as required.

  • Is it possible to gift the night nanny service to a family member or work colleague?

    Yes, you can give the gift of sleep to new parents! What a wonderful idea for a new Mum to be! We offer the convenience of a Night Nanny Registry, allowing family and friends to gift a specific dollar amount to help with those early weeks or months at home with a newborn(s).

    Here’s how simple it is…

    Contact us to register your Night Nanny Registry by sending us an email with your name, address, phone number, and location (if registering as a gift for someone else) and due date of the Mum to be.

    Tell all your friends and family you have registered for the Night Nanny Registry. Anyone wishing to add to the registry can simply send an email transfer (interac) with the name of the new mother in the message section so we can always apply the funds to the correct account. We will have your running total on hand at all times and when your registry is closed, we will give you all of the names of who has contributed.

    Prior to the due date, we will contact you to begin the hiring process for your night nanny and set up interviews with the candidates of your choosing and create a schedule of overnight support that works best for your family.
    Set this up and surprise the parents-to-be with this generous and thoughtful gift from friends and family or co-workers!

  • Is it possible to have a Nanny Service 24/7?

    It can be possible, but typically this involves having more than one nanny to cover this type of schedule. For these occasions, we have developed a Newborn Nanny Service with trained, qualified, and professional staff available to support parents during the day and overnight.

    We can arrange a small team of nannies to work with you to cover days and nights as required.

  • What is the routine of a Night Nanny at home?

    The routine will most often be decided on by the family in discussion with the Night Nanny, and requirements can be discussed during the interview process as well. You will also discuss what the existing routine is with the baby so that we can maintain consistency, but we will also make suggestions that will help with the overnights also if necessary. One of the major benefits is you can have the Night Nanny assist with helping with the creation of a gentle age-appropriate routine based on their experience.

    At New Mummy Company, our primary focus will always be the care and wellbeing of the babies we are caring for, ensuring they are fed, comfortable, clean, dry, and rested. Nursery duties are done outside of the time we are providing direct care for the babies.

  • Do I need a Night Nanny if I’m breastfeeding?

    As a breastfeeding mother, waking during the night is something you just can’t escape, however that awake time can be greatly reduced so it only involves that magical bonding period with your baby while you breastfeed. You will be able to sleep soundly without having to listen out for your baby waking up, this will be done by your Night Nanny who will bring your baby to you, then either stay with you for help and support or leave you in peace for feeding and bonding with your baby. Once baby has been fed, your night nanny will take your baby to be burped, diapered, swaddled and resettled back to sleep allowing you go to straight back to sleep once your nursing session is complete maximizing your sleep time. This is very helpful, especially in the case of a cesarean section. Your Night Nanny will be able to help with other aspects of being a breastfeeding mother, such as assisting with pumping. She will be able to have your pump ready for overnight pumping sessions, use the milk to feed your baby as required and wash and prepare your pump for the next pumping session. This ensures that you get the most amount of sleep possible overnight while still being able to provide your own milk for your baby and not impacting on your milk supply.

  • How will it work with a stranger coming into my house at night?

    Our night nannies are skilled, trustworthy professionals who you will quickly grow a warm relationship with. They not only have a strong background and experience in working with our newborn families, they are also trained in the dynamic of being in a private family home. You have the opportunity to interview potential nannies via Zoom or at home so you are empowered to choose who you hire in terms of the best personal connection you make. You will also have the option to speak with your chosen nanny’s previous references for complete due diligence during the selection process prior to hiring.

  • What about my other children through the night?

    If you have other young children who wake at night, your nanny would love to be able to help, but the reality is that your children will usually want mummy or daddy should they wake (for example, from a bad dream). If your older children wake on more than the odd occasion, we do have sleep trainers who would be able to help develop great sleep routines and habits in older children. We strongly recommend for your own benefit that you solve any existing sleep issues in older children before your new baby is born so that you can maximize your sleep with a newborn and still deal with their frequent wakings.

  • What will I need to provide for my Night Nanny?

    Very little! Your Night Nanny will not expect to be looked after – it is her that is looking after you. You should discuss with your Night Nanny in advance what the family routine is and what the key responsibilities and expectations are, as well as show them the nursery, the kitchen and, if required, the laundry room.

    You may like to offer your nanny tea and coffee facilities, as well as the use of a microwave. Your nanny will need somewhere comfortable for any downtime and to sit whilst settling the baby if fussing for an extended period and is reluctant to settle to sleep. If your house gets chilly overnight please provide your nanny with a blanket so she can keep warm.

  • Can I claim my Night Nanny on my insurance and what tax expenses can I claim?

    Unfortunately, this is not a question we can answer for you. We suggest that you would have to contact your healthcare insurance provider to understand specifically what is covered under your benefits plan. Many plans cover the expense of Doulas or Nurses, so do check with your provider.

    With regards to claimable expenses, you would have to contact your tax advisor below is the link to the CRA website page on childcare expenses.


  • Why should I choose a Night Nanny from The New Mummy Company?

    This is our specialty! We know what makes an amazing night nanny. Our onboarding process proves our commitment to providing the most qualified and educated individuals. We understand you may be apprehensive about letting a non-family member into your home to care for your baby and this is exactly why we follow a stringent and lengthy screening process to give you that peace of mind.

    Our team is handpicked by our founder and CEO, Maria Robertson, based on almost 25 years of international experience caring for newborns as a British trained Maternity Nurse. Maria interviews all new hires to discuss their professional background, review newborn care skills, and to of course get to know each potential new team member personally.

    We only hire 4 out of every 100 candidates that apply to work with us and each person is screened, interviewed, and orientated to our unique standards. We are the leading provider of night nanny postpartum support in Canada, it is by far our most in-demand service. We want to ensure we are providing top-quality care to our families during this exciting and life-changing time. We can assure you that you can rest easy knowing you have hired a dedicated experienced professional with the full support network of the New Mummy Company.
    If you have any additional questions relating to Night Nanny Service, please call us toll-free at 1-844-237-4686 or email admin@newmummycompany.ca. We will be very glad to discuss your needs and answer any questions.

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