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Free Intro Class - Wed 1st May On-Site Cost: Free Duration: 1 hour Book Now
Single Outdoor Class On-Site Cost: $15/per class Duration: 1 hour Book Now
6 Class Package On-Site Package Cost: $72 for six classes ($12 per class) Duration: 1 hour Book Now
Mom & Baby StrollerFit

The New Mummy Co is delighted to offer Stroller Fit classes that have been specifically formulated for maximum results to help new mothers to raise their fitness levels without having to leave their bundles of joy. Delivered by expert trainers our sessions begin outside our Oakville location. You will get started with a fast paced walk in the beautiful surroundings of Oakville where you and your babies lungs will be filled with fresh air.

We offer fun, interactive and supportive classes that are all about personal care for mothers with young babies. We help you to reach your fitness goals by gently but effectively guiding your body to a desired fitness level post delivery.

The great outdoors is our fitness playground as you get your heart pumping and stroller wheels rolling. Power walking, muscle conditioning, strengthening and stretching activities leave you feeling empowered and re-energized as a new mommy while bonding with your baby.

One hour long and at your pace, the benefits of our stroller fit sessions can be felt after the very first visit. It’s possible that you will feel the effects of the exercises the following day!

It is always best to check with your Doctor before starting a new training routine.

All Fitness Levels

Your body has been through something extraordinary. The physical changes and hormonal fluctuations that you experienced may have been challenging. However these are challenges that we can overcome together with our specifically created fitness classes. Whether you have never exercised before or if you are an experienced fitness lover, our trainers have the familiarity and the knowledge of postpartum challenges to modify every element of the class to your unique needs. So don’t be shy, come along and meet a great trainer and your new mom friends.

Free Intro Class

Take advantage of a free intro class to try it out! You can use the code “STROLLFREE” to get a free trial class. Priority will be given to paying customers if the class is booked out.

Class Details

Class will restart at 10am on Wednesday April 24th 2024. We meet outside the Palermo Medical building at 2525 Old Bronte Rd, outside our front door at unit 105. The class is one hour in duration. Please try to get to the building by 9.45am at the latest so that you have time to get parked, unpacked, baby in the stroller and join the other Mums. Diahann will start your class and warm up with a brisk walk meaning the group will leave the area at approx. 10am. Advance registration is required a minimum of 2 hours prior to class. Free parking is available.

Discover Your Inner Strength

Exercising is as much about your emotional well being as it is about keeping your body in optimum condition. Focusing on breathing techniques, whole body toning and mom and baby bonding, our classes will increase your emotional health and boost your energy levels.

We start with creative, fun and interactive warm-ups that include your baby, to get the blood flowing all over your body. You are then prepared for the changing variety of high intensity, easy to follow exercises that are created specifically for new moms. Postnatal abdominal and core movements focus on the areas of your body that have been that have been through an extraordinary journey. Many of the exercises are interactive, incorporating your baby into your work out with songs, dances and finger play. Add a relaxing mommy meditation warm-down and you have had wonderful hour of bonding that is also empowering, challenging, effective and rewarding.

Our Fitness Experts

At the New Mummy Company we are committed to providing a warm and welcoming, safe environment for new moms. We achieve our goal by hiring only specialist instructors, highly trained in postnatal fitness, that are as passionate as we are about the physical and emotional well being of the moms and babies in our care. They are committed professionals who have the experience and the knowledge to offer safe, considered and rewarding classes. You and your baby will leave at the end of each class feeling energized and restored.

How You Can Access this Service:


Private classes are not available for this service at this time.


On-Site is a great option if you prefer real-time interaction, want to meet other parents, and enjoy the social component. This service is available at our headquarters.

2525 Old Bronte Rd Unit 105, Oakville, L6M 4J2, Ontario


Virtual classes are not available for this service at this time.


  • Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

    We understand things come up , especially when you are a mom-to-be or a new mom. To provide you with flexibility we do allow your 6 class package to be taken anytime within 90 days. This allows plenty of time slots to schedule your classes around life as things pop up.

    We do have a strict 24 hour notice period to cancel or reschedule your class. Any class cancelled less than 24 hours will be forfeited.

    Any no-show to a class will be forfeited.

    Any 6 class packages not used within the 90 day period will be forfeited.

    We have limited space and our classes can book out, to be fair to all our class attendees and instructors the 24 hour notice period is non negotiable.

  • What is Stroller Fit?

    It is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with babies in tow. The workout consists of strength training, cardio and core restoration, while entertaining little ones with songs and active participation in the class

  • How do I take my free trial class?

    We are delighted to offer a free trial class so you and baby can come along and see how enjoyable the class is!

    You can use the coupon code STROLLFREE when booking an individual class.

    This offer is available based on one use per person and has no cash value.

  • How old should my baby before I attend?

    You yourself should be at least 6 weeks postpartum and have the all-clear from your doctor or health care provider such as your midwife before beginning any new exercise regime. Depending on your pregnancy and birth you may need additional time to recover which is why its important to get clearance from your health professional before beginning postnatal exercise.

  • Do I need to be a runner to attend these classes?

    No, you do not need to be a runner or any other type of athlete. Our classes are designed and tailored for new moms of any fitness level. It does not matter whether you have exercised before or not. You exercise at the rate and pace that you are comfortable with. Your fitness level will increase with each class that you attend. This is as much about socialization as it is about fitness, we want to you to have fun and meet other new moms in the area.

  • What happens in bad weather or if something unpredictable happens?

    If the weather is a safety risk then we may cancel the class or bring it indoors to our yoga studio (numbers permitting). Any class that has to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances will be credited back to you for use at another time.

  • What should I wear?

    A well-fitted sports bra is any new mother’s best friend! Comfortable stretchy layers of clothing and supportive running/walking shoes are best. While outdoors its best to wear layers that you can remove easily. You will no doubt need to remove a layer or two as the workout progresses and you warm up. Same applies to baby, dress baby in layers as the weather can be unpredictable at times.

  • Do I need a running stroller?

    No, you don’t need a running or sporty stroller. Just ensure that your tires are inflated if you have inflatable tires and that your baby is secured to the stroller with the harness.

  • What if my baby cries?

    Babies cry, thats how they communicate with you! You are in a safe place where everyone around you understands that all babies cry. At any time that your baby needs your attention you are free to stop and give them the care that they need.Everyone there will have a baby with them so don’t worry, everyone is in the same situation.

  • What happens if I need to feed my baby?

    Please, stop and feed your baby at any time that you need to. To minimize feedings for the hour of your class we suggest offering your baby a feed before your session starts. However we know that babies will need to feed and its not always at the best times so if you need to feed your baby, stop and feed baby. It’s not a problem at all.

  • What equipment is needed at a class?

    You will need your baby’s diaper bag so that you have everything that they may need. You will also need some running shoes, comfy clothes, a hat for baby and mummy and a water bottle. Wearing sunscreen is always a good idea!

  • What if this is my first exercise after having a baby?

    You know your body best so do what feels right for you. Don’t overexert yourself, as movements you did before the baby will feel different post-baby.

  • What age is too old for my baby to come to class?

    Great, question! Some babies will sit in a stroller happy for hours as they enjoy the ever changing scenery and interaction from those around them. Other babies will get fussy when they are in a stroller for any period of time. You know your baby best! Generally once a baby is mobile they love their freedom so may not be keen to sit in the stroller. If you are unsure about how long they will be content to sit in their stroller while you workout around them then we can suggest that you bring following and come to one class and try it out to see how content baby is for the hour.

    • Snacks
    • Drinks
    • Favourite toy
    • Teething toy
    • Baby carrier or sling
  • What is the latest time I can sign up for stroller fit?

    The latest time you can register for stroller fit is 8am. We have a cut off of 2 hours prior to class for registration. This is to ensure that we can meet the minimum numbers required to run a class. The ideal process would be to purchase a 6 class package and then schedule all of your classes in advance. Then if something comes up and you need to change a class you will be able to do this by logging into your account.

  • When do the stroller fit sessions happen?

    We run stroller fit annually from spring to fall. We usually run from late April to late September or even earlu October as these provide us with the best weather months in Ontario. Dates are available on the booking system for you to choose. You can only book dates that are available in our schedule.

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