Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Benefits Your body is preparing for something extraordinary. Physical demands, hormonal fluctuations and external stressors can be challenging. […]

Sleep Coaching

We offer a personalized sleep consultancy which will offer you a comprehensive sleep solution, educate you on your baby’s sleep needs, help you to establish an appropriate bedtime routine by allowing us to coach and advise you on the best method and routine for your baby, family and lifestyle.

Potty Training

When thinking about potty training your toddler it can feel like a daunting task, but we are here to help […]

Family Therapy

Child & Family Therapy helps people in close relationships to help each other. It enables families to understand major life transitions such as becoming new parents and the change in behavior they can bring about.

Mom & Baby Yoga

Our yoga and fitness classes are perfect for preparing your body for pre and post-birth changes. We offer emotional and physical guidance through the restorative practice of yoga to help you feel equipped and empowered as a new mummy.

Baby CPR & First-Aid

When you are expecting a baby, there can be a mixture of excitement and also a fear of the unknown. We can help build your confidence and ability to react to an unexpected emergency event.

Safe Sleep

As new or expectant parents you can learn what is safe sleep and what conditions are best for your baby to sleep in.


Guiding You Through Prenatal And Postpartum Nutrition Prenatal Nutrition Keeping yourself nutritionally healthy during pregnancy in turn influences the health […]