New Mummy Co – Oakville – Job Code: MADZ

  • Application Closing Date: TBD
  • Start Date: March 16, 2024
  • Interview Availability: TBD
Hours Type Age of Baby Duration Nights/Week Feeding Method
10:30pm-6:30am Single Nov 4 2023 1 week Evenlight between March 16 and March 22 Bottle
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Job Description & Requirements

These first time parents had one of our New Mummy Co Night nannies support them when baby first arrived. Now they are looking for help while dad is away on business. They are looking for someone who is compassionate and possesses a strong work ethic. Someone with a thorough understanding of medical procedures,  attention to detail, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. An effective communicator who can help bridge the gap in these first-time parents’ knowledge. Lastly, and most importantly, treat their baby gently with kindness, love and care while they get some much-needed rest. They would also appreciate some help with baby laundry and restocking the nursery if time allowed. There are no other children in the home, no pets and driveway parking.